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Allow me to introduce myself. I am James Robert Deal, Washington Attorney, WSBA #8103 and Washington real estate broker #39666.

Call me at 425-774-6611 or 888-999-2022. Email me at James@JamesDeal.com.  

I am a real estate attorney who chooses to work as a real estate broker. Selling real estate is the practice of law, and so it is appropriate that an attorney sell real estate.

I am associated with AgencyOne Realty LLC, NWMLS # 5074, 13500 NE Bel Red Rd Suite 4, Bellevue, WA 98005-2359, Phone: 425.772.7500. 

Since 1980 I have been putting together real estate deals, closing escrows, facilitating tax-deferred exchanges, doing mortgage modifications. I am a Certified Foreclosure Specialist, which means I have studied foreclosures and foreclosure prevention, mortgage modification, and short sales. I am also a licensed but inactive mortgage loan officer, NMLS # 64871

However, representing buyers and sellers as their real estate broker is my primary focus. It is frankly more fun than working as a lawyer and billing by the hour. Selling real estate gets me out of the office. I learn more about the geography of our area. I help buyers and sellers in ways that most real estate brokers cannot.

When I work as a real estate broker for buyer or seller, I do not charge extra for legal advice and legal drafting. I provide legal review from beginning to end for no extra charge other than my real estate commission. 


I am a committed opponent of the stupid policy of polluting our drinking water with fluoride. I am the president and web master for Fluoride Class Action, which works to develop strategies to end water fluoridation.

I have published numerous articles about developing a comprehensive transportation and transit policy.  I also write about the folly of nuclear power.

I have run for office, and I blog about Washington political issues.

I have authored a book about the link between what we eat and the environment. Visit Amazon to buy it. I have been a committed vegan vegetarian since 1981. I am also a musician and composer.

When I am not earning a living I am busy planting and digging in my garden, inventing recipes, writing songs, and work on my web sites and books.

I work with my dear wife Emelyn who is my only employee.

I went to the University of Washington for law school. I wanted to go into environmental law. But I couldn’t break into Seattle’s very tightly knit environmental law club. I worked in Consumer Protection law. I was a member of SCAN, Seattle Consumer Action Network, now Washington Consumer Action Network. I mostly represented people who bought used cars and got ripped off. To make a decent living I got into real estate law. 

Before that I was a school counselor. I quit after one year. Teachers don’t’ get the respect they deserve. Actually, I had already taken the Law School Aptitude Test, the L-SAT, before I started work as a counselor. It was while I was working on my M.Ed. in Psych that I took a legal seminar regarding student rights. That’s what first got me interested in law.

Before I was a school counselor, I was a seminarian. I was interested in the history and philosophy of religions and comparative religion. I made use of that background in writing my book, What To Serve A Goddess When She Comes For Dinner. Click here to read excerptsClick here to buy a copy. It is a book of love and food. It is a speculation, a contemplation, a hypothesis, a meditation, a prayer about how to civilize this crazy world of ours.

In 2007 I became active in fighting drinking water fluoridation.  See my blogs at http://fluoride-class-action.com. I am glad finally to be doing environmental law after all these years. There is no pay, but there is great satisfaction.  

I am also a transit activist. See my Comprehensive Transportation blog at http://www.comprehensive-transportation.blogspot.com.

In telling you all about myself, I am making this point: We are real people here. I do my pro bono work. When you send me business, you help me improve our lives generally.

And we will treat you well and see that you get good service for a reasonable fee.

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James Robert Deal, Broker and Attorney
Broker with Agency One Realty LLC
WSBA # 8103, DOL # 39666
425-774-6611, 888-999-2022
425-776-8081 fax
James at James Deal dot com

James Robert Deal, Attorney & Broker

James Robert Deal, Attorney & Broker

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