I am both a real estate broker and a real estate attorney. I can wear either hat or both. I help buyers, sellers, and other brokers throughout Washington and in other states. Bring me on board when your purchase or sale involves legal issues or when the buyer or seller or the broker want the assurance of having an attorney checking everything.

Rather than compete with other brokers, I like to co-broker with them on challenging transactions. I can often quote a flat fee or a flat commission payable at closing.  

For working with buyers, see my co-brokerage buyer broker agreement. Brokers can use this form when taking a buyer broker agreement and where legal assistance will be needed.

For working with sellers, see my co-brokerage listing agreement. Brokers can use this form when taking a listing where legal assistance is going to be needed.

Use these forms to increase your credibility with both buyers and sellers. Get listings you otherwise might not get. Get buyer broker agreements you might not otherwise get.

And it means you can learn about how to manage complex transactions.

I can often quote a flat fee payable at closing. I can be paid as an attorney or a broker. My fee can be paid by the buyer or seller or by the listing and selling brokers or by all four paying some. Everything is negotiable, and there is no charge to inquire.

The broker might decide to compensate me out of his commission. Or the broker might arrange for the client to pay my commission. It’s all negotiable.

Sometimes I represent just the seller or just the buyer. Sometimes I am asked to be a mediator with all parties sharing my fee. I sometimes act as a no-agency agent. 

Sometimes I charge .5% or 1.0% of the sale price, more or less. It all depends on the complexity of the deal. My work starts at the beginning. I follow, monitor, advise on, edit, and check everything from listing and purchase agreement all the way to closing. If I agree to work for a flat fee payable at closing, and if there is no closing, there is no fee.    

I help, for example, with commercial transactions, seller financing, wrap-around deals, assumptions, lease options, multiple offers, and short sales. I help when property is owned by a trust, and the trustee wants to be protected. My job to assist the buyer or seller and the buyer or seller’s broker to get the transaction set up right, to send it to escrow, and monitor everything from beginning to end.

I ran an escrow department in my law office for 20 years. I have reviewed or written or rewritten thousands of real estate contracts. For five years I ran Deal Mortgage. I am a licensed but inactive mortgage loan officer. I only do commercial loans. So I understand financing. 

I am very involved in green politics. See

I am the president of Fluoride Class Action. See

I am the president of the Coalition Against Smart Meters and 5G. See

In my spare time I am a writer and musician.    

I have an open telephone line to potential buyers, potential sellers, and other brokers. Call 425-774-6611.


James Robert Deal
Real Estate Managing Broker & Real Estate Attorney
Broker License #: 27330
WSBA License #: 8103
PO Box 2276 Lynnwood WA 98036
Home Office Line: 425-774-6611
Home Office Fax: 425-776-8081
WSBA License # 8103
Broker License # 27330
eXp Realty Main Office:
2815 Elliott Ave, Suite 100
Seattle WA 98121
eXp DOL Licensing: 4484
NWMLS #: 9393
eXp Main Office Phone: 888-317-5197
We help buyers, sellers, brokers. Free telephone inquiries.

Fluoridation Is Done with Toxic Waste Filth – A Complete Absurdity
Door To Door Transit – The Only Way To Eliminate Congestion
3 Trillion Atoms of Lead in Each Liter of Everett Water
How To Remove Lead and Arsenic from Fluoridated Water Systems
Smart Meters, Coming to Snohomish County, Inferior in Every Way
White-Skies – Chemical Spraying-Coal Fly Ash Containing Filth
Green New Deal is Not Green Enough
Jimmie Deal’s Green Politics
Attorney Evaluation of Safe and Unsafe Vaccines
Religious Objections to Vaccines

Buy my book: The History and Theology of Food.
Download a free copy at this link
Music By Jimmie Deal

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Listing Broker Co-Brokerage Addendum

Listing Broker Co-Brokerage Addendum

As both a real estate attorney and a real estate broker, I co-broker with other brokers, helping them to take more listings and service them better. This provides better service for sellers.

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Quitclaim Deeds

Quitclaim Deeds

What is a quitclaim deed? What is a statutory warranty deed? When should you use a quitclaim deed? When should you use a statutory warranty deed? When is excise tax owing on a transfer of title?

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Buy Real Estate In Partnership

Buy Real Estate In Partnership

Interest rates jumped. Prices leveled off and got soft. Buyers over-reacted and stopped buying. Bad idea. It is time to be buying. You can make an offer without a dozen other buyers competing with you. So what if interest rates are up. What goes up must come down. And prices of real estate always trend upward over time.

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Flat Fee Payable At Closing

Flat Fee Payable At Closing

I am a real estate transactional attorney. There is no charge for inquiries by phone or email. I can often quote a flat fee payable at closing. 

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Voltage Can Vary

Electricity can't be stored, so when I turn on a light, the power station must immediately produce some extra electricity. How is this possible?...

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Become An Attorney Broker

Become An Attorney Broker

James Robert Deal is both an attorney and a broker. Attorneys can become real estate agents and make more money and deliver better service as attorney brokers. Join The Deal Team with Keller Williams.

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Commercial Mortgages

JAMES ROBERT DEALCOMMERCIAL MORTGAGE BROKER Not only am I a real estate managing broker (DOL # 27330) and a real estate attorney (WSBA # 8013), I am...

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4926 212th Street SW MLT 98043

4926 212th Street SW MLT 98043

Mountlake Terrace Planning has reviewed architectural plans for the construction of a 15 unit apartment with 17 parking spaces at 4926 212th Street SW Mountlake Terrace WA 98043 and has indicated approval subject to meeting a list of reasonable requirements.

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4017 Colby Everett


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Sign In

CLICK HERE TOSIGN UP FOR A BETTER PROPERTY SEARCH TOOLYou will be asked for your email address and your telephone number.You do not have...

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Home Renovation Can Cost A Lot

Reality check: Don’t fall for these TV home renovation fibs Kitchen and bathroom remodels can cost more and take longer than HGTV shows lead you to...

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Home Inspection Questions

What Buyers Should Ask After a Home Inspection October 9, 2018 After an inspector has finished a home report, buyers may feel overwhelmed by any...

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15605 Cascadian Way Bothell WA

15605 Cascadian Way Bothell WA

15605 Cascadian Way Bothell Washington. $430,000. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Buy on FHA Rehab Loan. Hold long term. Eventually sewers may be extended 400 feet, and then two homes, two duplexes or five townhouses can be built. James Robert Deal, Attorney and Broker, 425-774-6611.

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James Robert Deal

WA Attorney Broker

James Robert Deal
Real Estate Attorney
Real Estate Managing Broker
Reverse Mortgage Attorney
PO Box 2276 Lynnwood WA 98036
Telephone: 425-774-6611
Text: 425-774-6611
Fax: 425-776-8081
Toll-Free: 888-999-2022
KW Everett Office Line: 425-212-2007

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