The Northwest Multiple Listing Association listing number for this property is 1003544.

The address is 13817 NE 40th St Bellevue WA 98005.

See everything about this beautiful home at this link, including video:

But …

Remember that this home has had moisture damage from a roof which leaks and exterior wall system which has failed. We have a bid from two years ago which estimates that the cost of repair will exceed $800,000.

Two years ago, the sellers spent around $5,000 on an engineering report which describes the repairs needed. To give you a head start, we are sharing this engineering report with potential buyers.

The buyer of this home should consult with a structural engineer. The buyer might consider hiring the same engineer which did the seller’s inspection.

Click here to view the title report, engineering report, and other items at this link.

The buyer should share the engineering report with a contractor who will estimate what it will cost to repair the property. The buyer should estimate what the property will be worth after it is repaired, subtract the estimated cost of repair plus an allowance for possible over-runs, and then make an offer.

Contact me if you have questons.

James Robert Deal, Listing Broker and Seller’s Attorney



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