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Bankruptcy, Consumer and Commercial Law Organizations
Thanks to Consider Chapter 13


Bankruptcy Related Statutes, Rules and Case Law


Tracking Legislation
  • Library of Congress, Legislation on the Internet
  • Updates on Foreclosure Related Legislation


Debtor Education Websites
  • Dave Ramsey’s Debtor Education Giving bankruptcy filers the hope they’ve lost, the tools they need, and the fresh start they deserve.
  • Credit Abuse Resistance Education CARE is a free financial literacy program which makes bankruptcy professionals available to educators, students and the public to illuminate the dangers of credit abuse.
  • Trustees’ Education Network
  • Coalition for Debtor Education




Court Websites
  • United States Bankruptcy Courts
  • United States Courts
  • Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Statistics


Bankruptcy Forms
  • United States Courts and the Official Bankruptcy Forms
  • Proof of Claim Form


U.S. Government Websites


Office of the United States Trustee Websites


Links to Chapter 13 Trustee Information


Bankruptcy Related Blogs


Pro Se Filing


Tax Protestor Issues


Links to Current Interest Rates


Car Valuation Guide Sites


Loan Amortization Calculators


Bankruptcy Information Services
  • Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy Sales Information


Mortgage And Other Loan Information


Finding An Attorney


Credit Bureau Links


Bankruptcy Books and Products

Other Links:

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