The property at 13931 Cascadian Way is 152 feet wide and 499 feet deep. It is 75,840 square feet in size. See a hand-drawn diagram at the bottom of this page/

See more documents and diagrams at this link.

The property features a private meadow, a private forest, and a private brook. The brook runs from west to east. It enters the property from the north side, at around the middle of the property and continues east towards North Creek, which flows south into Lake Washington.

You can hear the brook from your bedroom window.

This is a large and beautiful property, and it deserves a large and beautiful home. It is right for custom construction. The existing home cannot be repaired and would be torn down by the buyer, along with the old shop and old greenhouse. 

Snohomish County Planning has told me that this property cannot be subdivided because Cascadian Creek flows through it. They have affirmed, however, that two homes can be built on this property, a large, two-story home in front of perhaps 6,000 square feet or more and a mother-in-law cottage of 850 square feet behind it.

It is said that when you build a custom home, you may end up with a home worth more than the cost to build it. There are $1,200,000 and $1,500,000 homes in this neighborhood. This property is only a few miles from Mill Creek, and so values up to $1,500,000 and higher may be supported by appraisal.

The basic question is how much a completed home of a certain size and a mother-in-law cottage in back would appraise for, assuming various home sizes.

The following paragraphs contain my place holder estimates. hey are are hypothetical numbers and my guestimates. Please use them as a starting point and consult with your appraiser regarding values. You would consult with the appraiser during your 21 day feasability study period. The appraiser would advise you as to what completed homes or various sizes would appraise for.

My guestimate is that if you build a five bedroom, four bathroom, 5,150 square foot main house and an 850 square foot cottage in back, for a total of 6,000 square feet constructed, then at $130 per square foot, your construction cost might be around $780,000. The land cost of $530,000 plus construction cost of $780,000 might add up to $1,310,000. You might have a property that would appraise for $1,500,000 or more.

Likewise, if you build 7,000 square feet at 130 per square foot, my guestimate is that if you your construction cost might be $910,000, and your total cost might be $1.440,000. You might then have a home worth $1,800,000 or more.

Likewise, if you build an assisted living facility and cottage totaling 9,000 square feet, and do so at 130 per square foot, my guestimate is that if you your construction cost might be $1,170,000, and your total cost might be $1,700,000. You might then have a highly desirable assisted living facility in which residents would be able to roam a fenced park, might be worth $2,500,000 or more.

During the same 21 day period, you would also consult with a critical areas consultant. With his help you would be able to get a firm answer from Snohomish County as to how large the houses could be and exactly where they could be built.

You can go visit Snohomish County planning, perhaps before you write your offer. They have confirmed to me and will confirm to you the following:

There is a 150 foot setback requirement from the brook. The house lies partially within the 150 foot setback. The shop and greenhouse, where the mother-in-law would be built, like completely within the 150 foot setback. However, these locations are by law grandfathered in. A buyer can build on the footprint of the existing buildings. With the assistance of a critical areas consultant, the County will allow the location of the new buildings to be adjusted and will perhaps allow square footage to be adjusted.

The seller wants a buyer who can close as soon as the feasibility study is completed, instead of a Buyer who wants to wait to close until a construction loan is fully approved. The lender might want to see final architectural plans and appraisals, and that could take many months.

To make it feasible for a buyer to close quickly, the Seller is willing to take $230,000 down and carry the balance for two or three years, with interest only payments at a reasonable rate.

Again, I suggest that you take the materials on this website and just walk into their office at 3000 Rockefeller Ave, Everett, WA 98201. Go to the second floor of the administrative east wing of the County campus. Ask to see a planner. The telephone number there is 425-388-3411.

If you do not have a custom builder or a critical areas consultant, an architect, or a builder, we will point out several of them for you.


Custom Construction - A Brook Runs Through It

The lot is situated on the east side of Cascadian Way. There are trees on all sides, so your new home will be secluded.

There are mature McCampbell and Niagara grapes growing on the property and apple, magnolia, and rhododendron.

There is a six inch sewer line in the driveway, ready to be hooked up.

There is easy access access from the 164th and 128th exits off I-5.

Agents: Do not show the home. It needs to be demolished. The foundation is cracked. The buyer must accept the house as-is and demolish it. There are old cars and an old trailer on the property, which the seller will soon remove.

There is no key box. Call James Robert Deal at 425-774-6611 before showing. I am not far from this property, and I might like to meet with selling agent and potential buyer at the property. Or I can authorize a broker to show the property without my presence.

Buyers should not tour the property without the presence of me or another broker.

It would be best for interested broker and buyer to park across the street and walk onto the property. There is currently a chain across the driveway, although it is easy to step over. There have unfortunately been property break-ins. The house is boarded up.

Title and escrow should go through Ticor. The Ticor order number is 70071256.

There are two listing numbers for this property, no. 1125811 for the residence and 1129407 for the land.

Directions: From I-5, go east on 164th Street SW. Turn left and go north on Cascadian Way. The property is on the east side.

Park on the street and walk down the driveway. Do not drive down the lane unless you are good at backing up because it is a little tricky to turn around.

Try to imagine the land without the old home, old workshop, old greenhouse, old car, and old boat on the lot. The Seller will soon remove them before closing.


1.75 Acres - $570,000


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