Call a real estate attorney BEFORE you buy or sell real estate.

Don’t wait until you are in the middle of the deal and you think you may have a problem.

I do not charge for telephone discussions from buyers, sellers, and agents. Call 425-771-1110.

I offer a flat fee to buyers and sellers, payable at closing out of escrow.

I am both a real estate attorney and a real estate broker.

I co-broker with other real estate brokers to deliver real estate review, drafting, and advice. In many real estate transactions, a buyer or seller is wise to have a real estate attorney involved.

If you have a real estate broker you like, stick with him or her. I will serve as your advisor and your broker’s advisor.

Read my co-broker agreement at this link.  

If you are a buyer or seller, tell your real estate agent that I offer this service. 


South Everett Home with Gazebo on Back Deck — 11232 3rd Ave SE Everett WA 98208 — Listing Number 1715196 — https://www.WashingtonAttorneyBroker.com/Gazebo


South Everett Home with Gazebo on Back Deck — 11232 3rd Ave SE Everett WA 98208 — Listing Number 1715196 — https://www.WashingtonAttorneyBroker.com/Gazebo



The James Robert Deal NewZ January 18, 2021 www.JamesRobertDeal.org/JR-Deal-NewZ-1-18-2021   SMART METERS   TESTIMONY TO SNOHOMISH PUD REGARDING SMART METERS. Two of Three commissioners vote for smart meters. 8-4-20, starts at 33 minutes, Donna Lahti at 34,...

Buy Real Estate In Partnership

Buy Real Estate In Partnership

Interest rates jumped. Prices leveled off and got soft. Buyers over-reacted and stopped buying. Bad idea. It is time to be buying. You can make an offer without a dozen other buyers competing with you. So what if interest rates are up. What goes up must come down. And prices of real estate always trend upward over time.

Voltage Can Vary

Electricity can't be stored, so when I turn on a light, the power station must immediately produce some extra electricity. How is this possible? From an engineering perspective, how are power stations designed to handle continually varying loads? Viktor T. Toth, IT...

Where Does Petroleum Come From?

Is anybody contending that oil is being replenished within the earth? Keith Hisey, Geologist, Researcher, Senior Manager, Historian at Consulting (1980-present) Updated Jan 31 · Upvoted by George Jones, Master's Computer Science & Geology, The College of...

How Much Does Social Security Pay?

Why does Social Security pay so little in retirement? Jeanine Joy, Ph.D., CEO, Trainer, Speaker, Author, Researcher at Happiness 1st Institute (2011-present) Updated Aug 2 · Upvoted by Chris Smith, former Operations Supervisor (Retired) at Social Security...

Why you can sell homes in the winter

For Sellers, Move-Up Buyers, Selling Myths The #1 Reason to List Your House in the Winter · 2.1Kshares · 1.9K · 82 · 33 · 141 Many sellers believe spring is the best time to put their homes on the market because buyer demand...

4017 Colby Everett

JAMES ROBERT DEALREAL ESTATE ATTORNEYREAL ESTATE MANAGING BROKERCOMMERCIAL MORTGAGE BROKERKW EVERETT    425-774-6611James@JamesDeal.com I am writing about the building at 4017 Colby Avenue in Everett. The listing number is NWMLS 1410715 for the for sale listing. The...

Are Rich People Mean? – How Much Is Enough?

Why Are Rich People So Mean? Call it 'Rich Asshole Syndrome'—the tendency to distance yourself from people with whom you have a large wealth differential. ILLUSTRATION: CASEY CHIN https://www.wired.com/story/why-are-rich-people-so-mean/? In 2007, Gary Rivlin wrote a...

Nina Beety’s 50 page Smart meter hazards report

From James: Smart meters reduce the value of your property. They cause fires. Some damage caused by electrical surges are not covered by insurance. James Robert Deal posted: "Thanks for the info. Sincerely, James Robert Deal Real Estate Attorney & Real Estate...

Anti-vaxxer want informed consent and liberty

Anti-vaxxer want informed consent and liberty Ada Drinkwater, Wife mother grandmother great grandmother Liberty & informed consent are not only the American Way, but a part of every document of medical ethics. Informed consent is also a part of the National...

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CLICK HERE TOSIGN UP FOR A BETTER PROPERTY SEARCH TOOLYou will be asked for your email address and your telephone number.You do not have to enter your telephone number. You can enter any ten digit number if you want to retain your privacy. If you want me...

Home Renovation Can Cost A Lot

Reality check: Don’t fall for these TV home renovation fibs Kitchen and bathroom remodels can cost more and take longer than HGTV shows lead you to believe. · by Sharon Salyer · Saturday, January 26, 2019 These before-and-after photos of this Edmonds...

Ten Mistakes Investors Should Avoid

10 Lethal Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Real Estate Investment by Chad Carson | BiggerPockets.com https://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/2016/03/22/10-lethal-mistakes-avoid-real-estate-investment You may have heard that your first real estate investment is the...

How to Make Earnest Money Non-Refundable

Click here if you are having trouble viewing this message. Weekly Membership Newsletter JANUARY 8, 2019 • Stay Connected! QUESTION: I have been asked a few times about non-refundable earnest monies. If a seller, who is a builder, is requesting that earnest monies be...

Home Inspection Questions

What Buyers Should Ask After a Home Inspection October 9, 2018 After an inspector has finished a home report, buyers may feel overwhelmed by any flaws that might have been found. That’s why it’s important they take the opportunity to learn more so that they can move...

Door Knocking to Find Real Estate Sellers

29 Door Knocking Resources for Successful Lead Generation Posted by REDX January is the perfect time to door knock. Most people wait until the holidays are over to list their home, and more homes are listed in January than any other month. This presents a once-a-year...

How To Choose A Domain Name – by Saul Klein

Choosing Your Domain in the Age of Dot ANYTHING Written by Saul Klein Posted On Friday, 14 September 2018 13:00 · https://realtytimes.com/real-industry-news-articles/item/1019999-choosing-your-domain-in-the-age-of-dot-anything As the Internet continues to...

Mistakes Sellers Make

5 Mistakes Home Sellers Make Written by David Reed Posted On Friday, 14 September 2018 21:56 https://realtytimes.com/consumeradvice/sellersadvice/item/1020039-5-mistakes-home-sellers-make?rtmpage= There’s no shortage of advice for home buyers. Getting approved for a...

Cell Towers Reduce Property Values

Survey by the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy Indicates Cell Towers and Antennas Negatively Impact Interest in Real Estate Properties 94% of respondents said a nearby cell tower or group of antennas would negatively impact interest in a...

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