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29 Door Knocking Resources for Successful Lead Generation

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January is the perfect time to door knock. Most people wait until the holidays are over to list their home, and more homes are listed in January than any other month. This presents a once-a-year opportunity to establish more “face-to-face” rapport with homeowners who are just weeks away from choosing an agent to list. To help you take advantage of this opportunity, here are 29 of the most popular “Door Knocking” resources publicly available!

1. Door Knocking Guide: How To Start The Conversation – Bryan Cassella

Best for: Agents who want to avoid sounding robotic or salesy and learn better conversational skills.

In this video, Bryan, an expert door knocker based out of Southern California, walks you through the linguistics of door knocking to avoid sounding cold and robotic, including how to attract homeowners to your tone and enthusiasm right away, what not to say in front of a seller (and what to say instead,) and how to avoid being attacked by owners for “the fact you’re a salesman” by using the warm familiar phrases Bryan uses to connect with them.

A few curse words aside, this episode shows you the best time to door knock, how to deal with disinterested homeowners, what words to avoid when face-to-face with prospects, and most importantly, the script Bryan commonly uses.

Immediately, you have to make sure that before you even knock on the door, you have to internally make sure your vibe is good… You have to speak in a way that is conversational and familiar to them. ‒ Bryan Casella

2. Real Estate Door Knocking Without a Listing? – Josh Snyder

Best For: Agents who don’t already have listings in a particular neighborhood

Josh Snyder reveals how he got invited, like a guest, into 5 homes during a single door knocking session using a simple value driven tactic. Josh also discusses what homeowners want to know about their neighbors, why you should always bring a recent sales sheet to the door (and what yours should look like), and what to always ask before leaving the homeowner’s porch.

You should have a listing if you’re going to go out and knock on doors. If things aren’t working, put yourself in the other person’s shoes. It’s not about ‘What do I want to happen?’ it’s about that person on the other side of the door, what do they want to happen?’ For starters, people don’t really like answering the door if it’s anyone who wants something or is offering something to begin with. So what you have to do? You have to combat that by being a resource. — Josh Snyder

3. Door Knocking: It’s Not So Scary –

Best for: Agents who need assistance creating their own step-by-step plan.

RichAgent’s article helps you create your own door-to-door plan by knowing your personal “why” — a reason for being on someone’s front porch, whether it’s to offer a market update or advertise an upcoming open house. You’ll be eased through every step of the process, starting with crafting your “why”, followed by the most important items to bring with you. Then, you’ll learn how to make a great flyer, what to wear, when to go, and finally, what goals to set.

You should not step foot in a neighborhood without first defining your purpose for being there. This will set the tone for the rest of your plan. ‒

4. Door Knocking for Leads: Real Estate FAQs – Loida Velasquez

Best for: Agents who are debating door knocking mornings, weekends, or higher price range neighborhoods ($500,000+).

Loida (Bryan Cassella’s door knocking partner) answers the three most common questions she receives from the real estate community on door knocking. She reveals why mornings really are the best time to door knock (no matter what other agents say), whether weekend contact rates are actually as good as people claim, and how to get over your fear of prospecting higher-income neighborhoods.

You’ll always hear people tell you, ‘Oh, people aren’t home during the week, between eight and twelve in the morning, so you’re not going to get anyone. You shouldn’t door knock.’ That’s completely false. ‒ Loida Velasquez

5. Door to Door Real Estate Prospecting – Linda Schneider

Best for: Agents who aren’t convinced door knocking can turn into massive sales.

Don’t worry about putting yourself through the trial and error of door knocking — Linda Schneider and her team have already done it for you. Door-to-Door Real Estate Prospecting reveals the lessons they’ve learned on how many doors to knock, what to hand out while knocking, when to expect your first listing, and even answers questions about the legality of door knocking.

Many agents who, like you, are on the fence about door knocking or considering door knocking for the first time. You want door knocking to work so you can generate listings. But you’re not sure about it. Does it really work? What should you say? What do the experts do? You have a lot of questions, you want assurances, and you want it to be easy. Well, door knocking is easy and it does work, as you’ll discover from the stories and interviews in this book. ‒ Linda Schneider

6. Kick-Start Your Real Estate Career With Door Knocking – Carl Battiste

Best For: New agents with a limited budget.

Keller Williams associate Carl Battiste knocked on over 9,000 doors in less than 18 months, taking the #1 market share from three boutique REALTORS®. The article shares the top tips Carl learned as a door knocking newbie and how to make yourself a valuable asset to the community, skipping years of difficult SOI (Sphere of Influence) building by door knocking.

While always being mindful of your valuable time, never neglect the impact of getting to know your community. Battiste, who started in his market center as a newcomer to the state, points out that being in direct contact with homeowners can teach you a lot if you take the time to talk – and to listen. ‒ Keller Williams Blog

7. Door Knocking: Best Tips & Strategies for 2017 – Emile L’Eplattenier

Best for: Agents who crave insight on door knocking from top producers.

Emile’s article covers the 19 best tips and ideas directly from the mouth of door knocking experts who’ve made millions from their techniques. Need advice on creating a killer script? Dressing for success? What marketing materials you should keep on you at all the times? This article covers a variety of valuable advice from agents who know what they’re talking about.

Remember that if you do your job right you will always end up with a win/win result. Think about it. You want to close a deal and get a commission check, and your client wants their home sold for a great price with minimum hassles. That’s not an adversarial relationship. Everyone is happy. – Emile L’Eplattenier

8. Door Knocking Script – Michael Choi

Best for: Agents who want to feel more comfortable prospecting.

Michael Choi, cofounder of the iSell Group and long-time agent, believes the key to door knocking is how you conduct your on-porch conversation with sellers. Michael leads you through his script and how it works, and shares important advice you probably didn’t think about: Where should you stand on the porch, how far from the seller you should you be, and how to make a cautious seller open the door the whole way (not just a crack).

The more people that trust you, the more relationships you have, the more listings you have. The more listings you have, the more sales you have. – Michael Choi

9. Is Door Knocking Still Viable for Generating Seller Leads? – Steven Trice & Dylan Hale

Best for: Agents who want a less aggressive, but equally-effective approach

Steve and Dylan instruct you on how to have a better conversation with a homeowner by avoiding the usual: “Are you interested in selling now?” or “Here’s what I can do for you!” Their step-by-step door knocking process illuminates multiple ways to “melt away the typical reactions (and thoughts) homeowners have about real estate agents” using a series of disarming questions that are easy to ask and show off your potential as an agent without coming off as obnoxious or brash.

Here it is in basic terms: You take an opportunity, such as an open house, to talk to neighbors and gauge interest in selling. You don’t do it by making a cold pitch of your services or value. Instead, you show your potential. – Steven Trice

10. The Surprisingly Simple Art of Door Knocking –

Best for: Agents who want an effective, low-cost branding strategy.

In this short article by the marketing automation company SmartZip, they offer door knocking as a highly effective, low-tech approach to generating listings. The article presents the statistical advantage of face-to-face interactions, the power of a first impression, and a great script to use on the first and second visit.

Actually looking into the eyes of the homeowners, having a real conversation, takes you off the mail piece, digital ad, park-bench and into their lives. You are real now. You have left a real impression. ‒

11. Desperate Times – Mark Leck

Best for: Agents facing difficult market conditions or financial troubles.

Mark Leck, the CEO of REDX, has been in the business long enough to have seen it all. In his article “Desperate Times” his advice to agents facing financial challenges is to start prospecting door-to-door. Mark explains his top 6 tips on door knocking like, how to use body language to your advantage, slowing down your talking pace, and the one simple thing many agents forget to do when knocking doors.

Remember, if your business needs a jolt, it’s time to be bold. ‒ Mark Leck


We’ve compiled a list of bonus resources that go beyond the list we covered. Don’t hit the pavement before checking them out.


12. The Agent’s Guide to Real Estate Door Knocking
13. Rock Your Profit With Door Knocking
14. Door Knocking Scripts & Techniques For Realtors
15. Want to Claim the Top Spot in Your Market? …Just Knock.
16. When Too Many Agents Call Expireds — Do THIS and 9 Other Proven Ways to Boost Your Farming Results
17. Seven Excuses to Door Knock Your Way to More Real Estate Listings
18. Door Knocking! Is it Helping or Hurting Your Real Estate Business?
19. Real Estate Uncensored: Generating + Closing Sales with Matt Lamont


20. Real Estate Tips for New Agents Part 1 & Part 2 with Bryan Casella & Loida Velasquez
21. Door Knocking for Real Estate Agents: THREE THINGS + SCRIPT
22. Real Estate Lead Generation: Door Knocking Scripts, Mindset & Tactics with Bryan Casella
23. Door Knocking for Lead Generation
24. DOOR KNOCKING for Real Estate Agents
25. GSD MODE: New Realtor CRUSHES IT With Instagram & Door Knocking
26. The Michael Quarles Real Estate Show: Cold Calling and Door Knocking

Books & EBooks:

27. Farm: The Real Estate Agent’s Ultimate Guide to Farming Neighborhoods
28. Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale
29. Five Key Steps for Turning Leads Into Lifetime Clients


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