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James Robert Deal – Attorney Broker


FREE ACCESS THIS WEEKEND TO VACCINE SEMINAR. Available until 9 PM Pacific Time, Monday July 19, 2020.




LATEST VERSION OF JIMMIE DEAL’S MUSICAL VERSION OF THE LORD’S PRAYER. Click here to listen and read the back story.


WE CAN ELIMINATE TRAFFIC CONGESTION AND SAVE BILLIONS. Our current mass transit system does not pick us up where we are or take us all the way to where we are going. It is disconnected and difficult to use. The solution is a door-to-door van system with rides summoned by Uber style cell phone app. It would solve the last mile problem, save billions, make it possible to get around without a car.  Read more. Podcast.


BUY THIS PROPERTY – INCLUDES APPROVED PLANS TO BUILD 15 UNIT APARTMENT.  A $1 million investment will produce initial monthly net income net of $4,700. (Buyer to verify.) Builder available to build. Read more.


HOLISTIC MEDICINE, NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT REALLY WORK AGAINST COVID-19. Current efforts are to fight the disease, with nothing said about strengthening the body so the body can fight the disease. Most people are deficient in vitamins A (or precursor beta carotine from vegetables), C, and D, and iodine. Treatments that help are intravenous vitamin C, nebulized peroxide, and ozone therapy. No deaths and no hospitalizations reported by holistic doctor. Read more.


BUY OR LEASE THIS EVERETT OFFICE BUILDING WITH RETAIL AND PARKING ON BUSY AVENUE, $875,000. A really nice building. Around 4,820 sq. ft. useable area. Offices, conference rooms, storage. View of green belt from large back office upstairs. Includes adjacent retail space. Lease for around $5,400 per month.  Read more.


HEALTH FREEDOMS ARE VANISHING. We no longer have control over what goes into our bodies. Medical doctors do not study nutrition. Read more. A database showing which children have been vaccinated and with which vaccines. The new push is for an adult database. Read more. This is another step in forcing all to be vaccinated, a form of eugenics.


FACE DOWN POSITION FOR CORONAVIRUS PATIENTS SAVES LIVES. It opens up the lungs and allows absorption of oxygen Read more..


PRIVATE COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE LENDING. If you have money, want to lend, want to be well secured, and have questions call 425-774-6611. Free telephone inquiries. Commercial loans only. NMLS license number 64871. Read more.


THE GREEN NEW DEAL IS NOT GREEN ENOUGH. The Green Party created the Green New Deal. The Democrats adopted it, but they watered it down. Read more. Read more.


SNOHOMISH COUNTY HAS NOT BEEN SMART METERED YET. 5G TOWERS MAY BE COMING TO YOUR STREET. I HAVE BEEN MAKING SPEECHES TO SNOHOMISH PUD. Smart meters belch out harmful blasts of microwaves every few seconds to beam reports to headquarters on your every electrical activity. Utility companies can then sell data on your behavior to marketers. Smart meters catch fire. 5G and 5G satellites will fry us all. Read more.


IF YOU ARE BUYING OR SELLING, CHOOSE ME AS YOUR BROKER.  If I am your broker, I will provide you with complete legal advice and drafting from beginning to end for no extra charge. 425-774-6611. Seller’s read moreBuyers read more. Video.


CDC VACCINES ARE NOT DOUBLE BLIND TESTED. The US Supreme Court says that the CDC vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”. The Vaccine Court has paid out $4 billion for injuries and deaths. The CDC vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde. Vaccinating with the CDC vaccines is child abuse. Read more.




I CO-BROKERS WITH OTHER BROKERS. When brokers have a complex deal, they can co-broker with me. I can usually quote a flat fee payable at closing. Free telephone inquiries. Read more.




DO NOT DRINK SNOHOMISH, KING, PIERCE COUNTY FLUOIDATED WATER. Our water is contaminated with commercial grade fluoride. It contains lead and leaches lead from pipes. It kills salmon. Read more.


James Robert Deal

Attorney Trained in Bullshit Detection

Real Estate Managing Broker



James Robert Deal
Real Estate Attorney & Real Estate Managing Broker
PO Box 2276 Lynnwood WA 98036
Law Office Line: 425-771-1110
Broker Line: 425-774-6611
Cell & Text Line: 425-670-1405 (better to send email)
KW Everett Office Line: 425-212-2007
Fax: 425-776-8081

I help buyers, sellers, brokers. Flat fee payable at closing.
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