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I am a licensed Washington real estate broker working out of Lynnwood. I work with Agency One Realty LLC of Bellevue.

Because I am also a real estate attorney, I offer something that most brokers cannot: I can also be your attorney. If you list with me or work with me as your buyer broker, there is no extra charge for most legal matters which arise in connection with the transaction. And legal issues almost always arise.

It is expensive to hire an attorney. It takes time for the attorney to become familiar with the transaction, and it takes time for the attorney to keep current with the transaction. I am already familiar with the transaction if I am your agent.

If you are seeking a real estate agent in Lynnwood, contact James Robert Deal at 425-771-1110.

I charge the same commission as other real estate agents in Lynnwood, however, I deliver more for your money. That’s why my motto is “A Good Deal More for a Good Deal Less”.

Sold-Sign-NCI ran an escrow department in my law office for twenty years. I ran Deal Mortgage Corporation for four years. I have a varied background in real estate law, mortgage law, escrow law, and real estate sales, and so I can be a lot of help in figuring out how to put your deal together and get it closed.

Note: In Washington real estate agents are now technically referred to as real estate brokers. 

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James Robert Deal, Broker and Attorney
Broker with Agency One Realty LLC
WSBA # 8103, DOL # 39666
425-774-6611, 888-999-2022
425-776-8081 fax
James at James Deal dot com

James Robert Deal, Attorney & Broker

James Robert Deal, Attorney & Broker



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