Seeking Lease Option and Contract Sellers

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Seeking Lease-Option and Seller Contract Sellers 

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I am working with several buyers who have strong income and good down payments but who have bad credit and cannot get financing. 

These buyers can close on an unrecoreded lease-option basis. If the property is free and clear, these buyers could close on a recorded real estate contract or deed of trust, regular seller financing. 

Not all sellers want to be cashed out. A seller-financed transaction can provide a seller a secure return at a good interest rate. A seller can in some cases get a higher sale price.

These can be listed or unlisted properties. If they are listed, full commissions can be paid at closing.

Services Offered

Helping brokers – with complex deals

Helping brokers with seller carry contracts – for a quicker close, a higher sale price, and a secure 5% to 8% return for your seller

We help For-Sale-By-Owner buyers and sellers

If you have a buyer with 10% to 20% to pay down but no credit, set up a lease-option deal

Mortgage Modification – Foreclosure Defense – Sometimes modification is preferred over a short sale

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