The Downside of Smart Homes

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The Downsides Of Selling A “Smart Tech” House

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By Catherine J. Frompovich

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Will your “smart home” become a true headache and liability when you want to sell it?

Homeowners had better think about that rude awakening before you get caught unaware and start pulling out your hair.

In the two videos embedded within the Chicago 5 TV news story Who Controls Your Smart Home? Things Every Homeowner Should Know,” you will learn disconcerting information you need to know about your smart appliances and smart home—when they become a huge liability, especially when you want to sell your home and transfer ownership.

Another technology affecting the monetary sales value of your real estate and property are the locations and proximity of cell towers, especially small 5G cell towers.

Oh, the technology we love to embrace, really can bite us in the rear end and cost us plenty when we least realize it! Is it time to rethink our addictions to microwave technology?

Personally, I see no increased values, nor need, for a smart home, which pumps out radiofrequencies to damage health in numerous ways. [1,2]




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