Voltage Can Vary

Electricity can’t be stored, so when I turn on a light, the power station must immediately produce some extra electricity. How is this possible? From an engineering perspective, how are power stations designed to handle continually varying loads? Viktor T. Toth,...
Final Walk Through on New Construction

Final Walk Through on New Construction

What not to miss in the final walk-through of your new home Originally published at The San Diego Union Tribune by Pat Setter It’s an exciting moment, walking into your brand-new home after it’s finally completed. But don’t let the excitement distract you from the...

Commercial Mortgages

JAMES ROBERT DEALCOMMERCIAL MORTGAGE BROKER Not only am I a real estate managing broker (DOL # 27330) and a real estate attorney (WSBA # 8013), I am also a commercial mortgage broker (NWMLS # 64871). I do not place residential mortgages. I only place commercial...

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