The JR Deal NewZ for July 19, 2020 James Robert Deal – Attorney Broker JR-Deal-NewZ-7-19-2020 FREE ACCESS THIS WEEKEND TO VACCINE SEMINAR. Available until 9 PM Pacific Time, Monday July 19, 2020.  https://series.vaccinesrevealed.com/.   REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT IN...
Flat Fee Payable At Closing

Flat Fee Payable At Closing

FLAT FEE PAYABLE AT CLOSING I am a transactional real estate attorney. I do not do law suits. I set up deals for closing. I follow and assist from beginning to final closing. I co-broker with other brokers. I generally can quote a flat fee payable at closing.  There...

Voltage Can Vary

Electricity can’t be stored, so when I turn on a light, the power station must immediately produce some extra electricity. How is this possible? From an engineering perspective, how are power stations designed to handle continually varying loads? Viktor T. Toth,...

Where Does Petroleum Come From?

Is anybody contending that oil is being replenished within the earth? Keith Hisey, Geologist, Researcher, Senior Manager, Historian at Consulting (1980-present) Updated Jan 31 · Upvoted by George Jones, Master’s Computer Science & Geology, The College...

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