Prince Did Not Have A Will – Do You?

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Don’t do What Prince Did. Leave a will.


At first, when I heard Prince didn’t have a will, I was sad.

After all, the iconic singer, whose full name was Prince Rogers Nelson, was ferociously protective of his music and his image. He once wrote “slave” on his face to protest a music deal that left him without ownership of his work. During the dispute, you’ll recall, we had to refer to him as “the Artist Formerly Known as Prince.” I came to respect the symbol that he used as his name for a while because he was fighting for his legacy.

Prince patrolled the Internet for unauthorized use of his music and some reports said he rejected offers to use his songs to sell products. He was all about control.

And now, following his death at age 57, the control he fought so hard for may be gone.

According to court documents filed by his sister, Prince left no instructions on how to handle his assets, including his published music and enough unpublished work that reportedly an album a year could be released for decades.

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