Not only am I a real estate managing broker (DOL # 27330) and a real estate attorney (WSBA # 8013), I am also a commercial mortgage broker (NWMLS # 64871).

I do not place residential mortgages. I only place commercial mortgages.

A residential mortgage is one against one to four family housing. Anything else is a commercial mortgage.

Residential mortgages are standardized and highly restricted by federal procedural regulations. Commercial mortgages are much less standardized, less restricted by federal regulations, and more individualized. They are made on a “make sense” basis.

I advise commercial lenders. I review commercial notes and mortgages for their security. Generally one wants to be secured by a first position mortgages, however, there are times when one might take second position, particularly if the lender is also a part owner of the borrowing entity. Commericial notes can be secured by assignment of leases against the property. They can be secured by assignment to the lender of corporate shares or LLC membership shares.

A group of lenders may put together a fund to be lent out to qualified buyers. I help evaluate buyer qualifications.

I help commercial lenders find commercial borrowers.

I also advise commercial borrowers. I help them find commercial lenders. I help them design and present their project so that it appears secure to lenders and is secure.

Feel free to call if you are lending commercial money or borrowing commercial money. There is no charge for telephone or email inquiries.





James Robert Deal , Attorney & Broker
PO Box 2276 Lynnwood WA 98036
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Broker Line: 425-774-6611
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Desktop real estate app:  jamesrobertdeal.kw.com

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